Jayson Wright

Over his 20 plus years as a choreographer/dancer, Jayson has preserved all the right ingredients, and crafted his talent into world-wide recognition. A mixed bag of creative styling, Jayson’s choreography embodies the definition of smooth. He combines the perfect blend of his southern-soul roots, with spiffy footwork and timeless grooves that produce an effortless flow of organic funk! His résumé speaks for itself, working with the likes of Elton John, Pink, Justin Timberlake, Marques Houston, 98°, Tweet, O-Town, Donnell Jones, and Jay-Z. He’s appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards. His commercial list includes Sprite, Sony, Bacardi, and Coors Light, and he recently completed motion capture for the video game Michael Jackson: The experience. As teacher and mentor, his tireless dedication makes Jayson one of the most influential figures throughout the international dance community. Dancers around the globe join his workshops for an opportunity to be inspired not only through movement, but also panel discussions, judging critiques, and his experienced, often candid dialogue. He has been invited to share his knowledge at Japan’s Beat Box and Broadway Dance Center studios, London’s Pineapple Studios, as well as Urban Dance Camp in Germany. Stateside, he is a frequent guest faculty member of the acclaimed Broadway Dance Center in New York City, while at home in Los Angeles, EDGE and Millennium Dance Complex have had the honor of calling Jayson Wright a member of their all-star roster There is no doubt to the longevity of Jayson’s career. He constantly evolves while maintaining the foundation that started it all. He continues to develop new talent in the entertainment industry and is currently exclusive to Debbie Reynolds Studio where he teaches weekly to a full house.