Lashaun Price

Lashaun is a force of movement originally from the concrete jungle - NEW YORK! He currently lives in and works in Los Angeles as a performance coach, choreographer and dance educator. He teaches Hip Hop and Jazz Funk (Street Jazz). His training also includes an eclectic mix of Waacking, DanceHall and elements of vogue.

Lashaun has toured the world, both teaching and dancing. His work has been extended to stages, studios and television screens across Spain, Paris, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Asia, and the UK to name a few. He has also been blessed to work with amazing choreographers including Roger Lee, Tony Tzar, Andye J, Derrell Bullock and more.

He is faculty at Debbie Reynolds Studio where Lashaun is known for his infectious energy, philosophy on art & his "in-your-face" teaching style. Class is extremely interactive and he pushes for the highest level from all of his students. In order to be excellent, your work ethic must be spectacular. Lashaun settles for nothing less than best from his students.

“DREAM: Dance Rules Everything Around Me!”