Ray Basa

RAY BASA was fortunate to participate as a dancer and choreographer in many dance avenues. His spontaneous attitude, warm social behavior, and strong work ethic gave him the opportunity to teach in various studios and workshops. In 2007, Ray Basa desired to give back to his community and began working at Artshare Los Angeles, a venue that offered programs for inner city youth. There, he taught hip hop and choreographed for all their quarterly showcases. In addition, he was given the opportunity to teach at Jayvee Dance Center’s Summer Intensive program, in which he was later hired as an in-house House instructor. To expand on his network, Ray Basa started his own dance company, Asylum. With this group, they went on to perform in several dance platforms like the World of Dance and Carnival, and in local venues like The Highlands, Level 3, and The Cellar. In 2009, he collaborated with choreographers, Scotty Nguyen, Vinh Bui, and other dancers for a project called Mix’d Elements. Together, they won the KIIS FM Summer Dance Crew Challenge with a number called “Icebox.” Later that year, they took 2nd place at the World of Dance San Diego using the same dance piece.

After learning of Ray Basa’s collaborations and performances, he was invited to also teach a workshop for the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation. He then taught at another summer intensive program for Inner City Arts Los Angeles, a program strongly supported by the Flourish Foundation, in 2010. In order to broaden his expertise, he traveled to the Philippines and taught at several dance studios, such as Vibe, Gen Studios and Groove Central. He was able to connect more deeply with his roots, and became reenergized upon his arrival to the US. Ray Basa was given another perspective on dance, providing him to share this new outlook with his fellow LA dancers. Ray Basa has also taught Boogiezone classes, which is a dance community strongly supported by well-known choreographers and dancers. During he dancing career, Ray Basa also performed for and choreographed with crews such Funkanometry LA, Expressive Doubt LA, Movement Project, and many other dance projects. Learning to connect with people on a personal level has made Ray Basa known as a down-to-earth individual and desirable collaborator, dancer, and choreographer.